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The Charles Daniels Society was founded in 2005 to celebrate the life and work of the English tenor Charles Daniels. This website was set up in December 2008 and is still a work in progress; it is updated every time we get any news from the man himself, which is somewhat sporadic due to his extremely hectic schedule.

In the meantime, we'd like to welcome you warmly to the site. Hearty thanks to Donald Greig of the Orlando Consort for sending us our first article; more have been promised by other people, but he's the first to deliver. Click to read all about the Daniels Effect and the suspension of the normal laws of physics!

Please note: the Recording of the Month series is temporarily suspended because we are currently upgrading the website, beginning with the discography. This should not cause any major interruptions in service. The Recording of the Month for December is still available here, and the rest of the series may be accessed from there. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing a Recording of the Month review in the future - we would love to hear from you.

Latest news: You can now follow us on Twitter. Concert reminders, reviews and website updates will be posted there.

We've just considerably expanded our discussion forum and given it a complete facelift to match the "coffee and cream" colour scheme that you see here - only appropriate for a singer who is so fond of his coffee! Please come along and join us; we'd love to see you there. It's been quiet for a while, but there are now signs that it's starting to pick up.

Don't forget our CafePress shop. Currently this is selling only one product - a white organic cotton unisex T-shirt with the Society logo - but if there is sufficient interest the shop will be expanded in the future. We can assure you of the very high quality of this T-shirt now that it has been extensively wear-tested by our webmaster; the quality of the printing is fantastic, and it survives repeated washing with no problems at all.

Very many thanks to Tim Roberts, formerly of the Gabrieli Consort, for sending this splendid set of YouTube links in which he accompanies Charles on various keyboard instruments. Several of the pieces are his own compositions or arrangements. Enjoy these - we did.

We apologise for the continued delay in publishing the promised interview with Charles. He is being interviewed by S E G Hopkin, a freelance writer and journalist who (among other things) reviews books for the Spectator. We originally hoped to have the interview on the site before Christmas 2010, but due to Charles' extremely hectic schedule in recent months this has not been possible. Thank you all for your patience.

If you are having trouble finding a copy of Airs de Cour, which is no longer in production, you can buy an electronic version of the album - or individual tracks - direct from Linn Records. You can listen to the tracks before you buy. We highly recommend this album!

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The Charles Daniels Society
Charles Daniels at the Corbridge Music Festival, August 2008
The Charles Daniels Society sketch of charles
Sketch of Charles by Katie Raynes