Concert schedule

We do our best to keep this page up to date, but some of Charles' concerts are arranged almost at the last minute and so it is not always possible to get hold of concert information in time. Please contact: webmaster AT charles-daniels-society DOT org DOT uk if you know of any concerts we have missed.

Please also double-check with the venue or organisers before making any travel bookings, to avoid disappointment. It does sometimes happen that a concert which has been organised a while in advance is cancelled before the point where bookings would have opened, or the date of the concert may change. We know it's very tempting to get all the travel sorted out before buying the concert tickets, but we strongly advise against it unless you have confirmation that the concert will definitely be going ahead.

Recording sessions and rehearsals are included here (where we know about them) for the benefit of anyone wishing to book Charles for a concert, so that you have an idea when he is available. Please make all enquiries via his agent, and if you do book him, let us know so that we can add your concert to this list!


This is the most complete discography we have been able to assemble; it includes some deleted recordings, but we believe there are others in existence. Please contact us at: webmaster AT charles-daniels-society DOT org DOT uk if you know of any errors or omissions in the list.

To improve searchability, we now offer several different versions of the discography in table format at the links below.

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Composing activities

Despite a very busy schedule, Charles occasionally manages to find time to do a little composing. Some of his work is on the album Extempore II (2003; see discography). More recently, he has completed Purcell's anthem Arise My Muse, which the composer left unfinished at his death. The world premiere performance of this piece took place at the Montreal Baroque Festival on 27 June 2009.

The baroque oboist Bruce Haynes, husband of Susie Napper of the Montreal Baroque Festival, sadly died on 17 May 2011 at the age of 69. Susie took the courageous decision to continue with the Festival, and Charles composed a two-part madrigal in his memory which was performed during the Festival by the Gesualdo Consort of Amsterdam, led by Harry van der Kamp. The Charles Daniels Society extends its heartfelt sympathy to Susie.

Several people who regularly work with Charles have been asked if they would be prepared to contribute relevant articles; also, if you are visiting this site and you have a true story to tell about Charles, we would love to hear from you. Length is not important, though we do reserve the right to edit anything which would otherwise require a lot of scrolling; the only criterion is that Charles himself is happy for you to share the story with the world. Please send any contributions to: webmaster AT charles-daniels-society DOT org DOT uk. They will be most gratefully received.

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Charles Daniels at the Corbridge Music Festival, August 2008
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Sketch of Charles by Katie Raynes